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Exposure to the realities is essential to the up coming Commerce graduates in industry, firms and in technological world. Students should have practical experience of the field in which he /she would enter in the future. Some times the syllabus they learn in the institution may be of quite different. Some times the concepts, interpretations and illustrations they learn may not even really match in the practical field. Commerce course also deals with Accounts and the financial statements. The Commerce graduates should know the real situations of the firm and the financial positions etc., to have their practical experience. Hence, we recommend and arrange for our students to have internship programme in firms with good reputation.

Management Fest

Management fest

Management fests are very important for the students. The student gets an opportunity to interact with the peers and exchange ideas with each others. It is a very good platform for the students to acquire new knowledge, techniques and compete in a sportsmen spirit. They get clarified certain doubts that they have in mind. These competitions are conducted in a healthy and fair atmosphere and students do realize their own potentialities. Hence, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce always encourages their students to participate in management fests.

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